InstaGroup working with Green Deal

The ‘Smart Homes’ project was based on the government’s Green Deal initiative, which offered funding for approved property assessments, insulation, double glazing, boiler installations and finance for communities to improve home energy efficiency.

In 2014, Haringey and five neighbouring North London councils were awarded £6.5m by the government for the ‘Smart Homes’ project, which could be used to promote and part-finance improvements to residents’ homes.

A Green Deal assessment would confirm the current energy efficiency performance of a property, and then give the potential rating it could achieve if the recommended energy saving initiatives were installed. The householder would also see their current energy use and a projection of how this could be reduced.

Approved to upgrade homes

Working in partnership with E.ON, InstaGroup and our local Snug Network installers were approved to successfully deliver the ‘Smart Homes’ project across the boroughs.

Significant grants were available, including up to £6,000 for solid wall insulation and up to £3,000 for heating and windows upgrades. To receive a grant, householders would be contributing at least 25% of the total cost of the work.

The project received over 5,000 enquiries through the ‘Smart Homes’ call centre operated by Islington Council, demonstrating the high level of interest in installing energy efficiency measures.

Snug Network installer Ecologic Energy worked with Enfield Council to generate awareness of the project at a local level:

“As a local contractor, we were able to undertake a successful 3-month promotion in Enfield, generating over 40% of our work … this included street-by-street promotion. Enfield Council supported this work,” said Sof Sophoclis of Ecologic Energy.

Professional from start to finish

Islington Council passed on firm enquiries to InstaGroup, who arranged Green Deal home assessments through approved members of the Snug Network.

Following a property’s energy efficiency assessment, the installer took time to discuss options with the householder to meet their priorities. They then submitted a detailed quote for the work.

Snug Network installer Saving Energy put a technical manager in place to ensure all ‘Smart Homes’ work would be completed to the highest standards. Detailed upfront planning meant both costs and customer inconvenience were kept to a minimum, and at least three quality control inspections were carried out during different stages of an installation.

A Green Deal installer must achieve PAS 2030 accreditation for each of the energy efficiency improvements they offer and must comply with the Green Deal Code of Practice. They must keep clear records of the work carried out, and allow monitoring of their installation when requested.

“The boiler was fitted within a tight timeframe, they were a model of friendliness and professionalism, they communicated helpfully and very well throughout the work and most importantly their work was of a very high standard and finish indeed. I recommend them highly!” Islington resident — installation of a new boiler and internal wall insulation

Installing success for 2016 and beyond

The ‘Smart Homes’ project met its targets, with a total of 618 owners occupied households and 543 privately rented properties — including many with the lowest energy performance ratings — benefitting from improvements.

Across the six London boroughs, 328 properties had energy efficiency measures installed by InstaGroup and the Snug Network, with this work having a value of over £2,500,000.

It’s good to know that hundreds of families are now living in warmer, cosier, ‘smart’ homes, saving energy and money year after year.

For the latest on Green Deal, or to arrange an energy efficiency assessment for your home, please contact us.

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