Our FREE scaffolding offer makes this Summer a great time to improve your home – inside and out – with professionally installed Solid Wall insulation. The drier and more reliable weather is perfect for external projects such as installing Solid Wall insulation (also called External Wall insulation). InstaGroup’s free scaffolding offer can help you refresh the look and the comfort of your home, and save you around £1,900*.

FREE scaffolding offer

When you’re planning external work on your property such as installing Solid Wall insulation, you can’t forget the need to include scaffolding. However, you might be surprised to learn that scaffolding costs themselves can make up a substantial part of the project’s total outlay.

So, take advantage of InstaGroup’s limited offer to cover the cost of the scaffolding for you. Our FREE scaffolding offer for your installation can help you make much-needed improvements to your home at a significantly lower price.

Improve your property – inside and out

Our professionally installed Solid Wall insulation system doesn’t just keep out the cold: depending on the size of your property, it can save you between £120 to £4251 every year on heating bills.

And while you feel warmer on the inside, our high-quality finish gives your home a fresh new look on the outside. It’s also good to know that our leading Solid Wall insulation comes with a reassuring 25-year guarantee.

Limited offer – only from InstaGroup

Ask us about our FREE scaffolding offer when you book your Solid Wall installation, and you could save yourself around £1,900 on total installation costs.

Remember, our free scaffolding offer with your Solid Wall installation is time limited, and only available through InstaGroup, subject to survey.
Please call or click now to arrange a no-obligation survey of your home.

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