The benefit of an energy efficient door

If your old front door has warped, rotted or even split over the years, it could be letting out precious heat and letting in draughts. Replacing an old wooden door with a smart new double glazed door can have a big impact on the warmth and the energy efficiency of your home.

A particularly good time to consider installing a new energy efficient door is when you’re making improvements such as insulation. A properly installed new door can complete the ‘thermal wrap’ of your home, adding to your comfort inside while also smartening up the outside.

We offer high quality traditional and contemporary door designs from leading manufacturer Solidor. Solidor energy efficient doors combine attractive design with unparalleled security, and they exceed the current building regulations for thermal efficiency. They add a great first impression to your property too.

  • Installing an energy efficient door will warm up your home and improve its outside appearance.
  • Helps to reduce heating costs and eliminate cold spots in your home.
  • We work with leading supplier Solidor to install high quality composite doors to meet your home’s requirements. Our expert no-obligation survey will help find the best solution for your property.
  • Solidor energy efficient doors are among the strongest and most secure residential doors available. They feature a 46mm solid timber core and secure locking system.
  • Available in a vast range of colours: choose your preferred door style, door frames and door furniture.
  • Installed professionally, these doors are virtually maintenance free. The quality composite will not warp, split or rot.
  • Our doors exceed the current building regulations for thermal efficiency.

Installing an energy efficient door can help reduce your household bills. The amount saved depends on the size of your home.

  • The cost of installing an energy efficient door will be different for each home, as it depends on the size of door and style chosen.
  • Ask us for a no-obligation survey and quote. At InstaGroup we promise that we will offer you our best price, first time.