ECO funding for home insulation

Millions of people’s jobs and livelihoods have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Cancelled work contracts and business uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 lockdown have resulted in nearly a million new claims for Universal Credit since April 20201 – and that figure is expected to rise.

Heating a home on a limited income

After an exceptionally warm spring, it can be difficult to think about feeling the cold at home. But we all know winter will eventually come around again.

The potential of reduced earnings, and self-isolating to protect health are all reasons people may have to stay at home more. And if household budgets are stretched by a limited income, it could be hard to afford to keep the heating on and stay warm.

This is where the government backed ECO scheme (Energy Company Obligation scheme) could help. ECO grants are available to fund insulation for the homes that need it most, including people on benefits such as Universal Credit2.

Insulation tackles ‘fuel poverty’

Even in a normal year around one in 10 households in England struggle3 to pay their heating bills or heat their homes properly. With lower incomes and fewer job prospects on the horizon due to COVID-19, this number could grow.

It’s times like these that people can fall into ‘fuel poverty’. Put simply, this is often ‘the choice between heating and eating’.

‘Fuel Poverty’ is caused by

• Inadequate heating and insulation

• Low income

• High energy bills

Fuel poverty already affects 4.5 million UK households. In fact, cold homes cause more deaths across the UK then road accidents, alcohol or drug abuse.4

Stay warm and stay well

This year, it’s never been more important to plan to stay warm and stay well at home. It’s especially vital if people are vulnerable to, or recovering from, respiratory illness such as COVID-19.

Sadly, many health problems are caused and made worse by poor quality housing5 across the UK. A huge factor is a lack of insulation, with warmth being lost through roofs, walls and windows, making homes cold, draughty and expensive to heat.

Warmer, healthier homes with ECO

Improving a home by installing insulation can seem out of reach on a limited income. But the ECO scheme is all about funding insulation for those most in need.

An ECO grant could cover the entire cost of installing insulation*, making energy bills more affordable and keeping home life warm and welcoming.

Ask the ECO experts

If you need advice on applying for ECO-funded insulation, InstaGroup Homes can help. We’re approved to supply and install insulation under ECO, and we have years of experience in helping customers to apply for grants.

Find out more about qualifying for ECO funding.

We offer no-obligation surveys to help warm up homes and improve energy efficiency. For your reassurance, our installation and survey teams are following the latest government guidelines on working in customer’s homes6.

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