This month, InstaGroup featured in the Ideal Home magazine.

‘The Ultimate Cavity Wall Insulation Guide’ sets out what you should look for in an installer, including the importance of a professional survey and industry guarantees.

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It was great to see the InstaGroup name pop up in the Ideal Home magazine’s ‘The Ultimate Cavity Wall Insulation Guide’. The article includes a quote from our Commercial Director Ed Andrews, and is well worth a read if you’re considering installing Cavity Wall insulation for your home.

Why does Cavity Wall usually get such a bad press?

Sadly, Cavity Wall insulation doesn’t always have the best reputation. This is because badly installed or ‘DIY’ insulation has caused problems in the past, as air circulation and humidity has been overlooked. Without adequate ventilation a home can develop condensation, and with that comes the danger of damp, which can then lead to mould.

The importance of a professional survey

That’s why InstaGroup pays great attention to ventilation when you book a no-obligation survey. If our surveyor recommends Cavity Wall for a property, they always check to see if they need to include vents with the installation, to help with air circulation.

Along with ventilation, the surveyor will pay attention to the condition of the walls, guttering and windows, looking for any potential problems with moisture. They’ll drill a few small holes to look inside the wall cavity too, using a borescope. (They seal up the holes after the survey). They check to see if the cavity is clear, or contains rubble or previous insulating material that could cause issues.

Surveying the walls thoroughly inside and out ensures you get the right insulation for your home.

Choose a reputable installer

Just as important as an eye for detail is the installer’s commitment to finding the best solution for a customer.

In our case, if we carry out a survey and find your property isn’t suitable for Cavity Wall insulation, we will always tell you. We never ‘hard sell’ an installation.

Our reputation has been built on quality and service for over 40 years. We’re pleased to say that we’re a founder member of the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA) and the National Insulation Association (NIA).

Look for the CIGA guarantee

The Ideal Home article highlights why it’s essential to choose a qualified installer whose work and insulation systems are backed by the CIGA and NIA industry guarantees of professional quality.

So if you’re looking for an installer in your area, check they’re registered with CIGA or NIA. It means the quality of their work has met the standards required. If your Cavity Wall insulation cause problems later down the line, CIGA will guarantee to put things right. This reassuring protection lasts for 25 years, and continues even if the original installation company has ceased trading.

Insulation could help to halve future energy bills

A recent study shows that measures including insulation could save British households up to £1,000 a year1 – and help to halve future energy bills.

Installing Cavity Wall insulation can stop up to a third of your heating from leaking out through the walls, and save you up to £185 on yearly energy bills2.

Insulating is one of the major ways we can all improve our home’s energy efficiency, and it’s key to cutting carbon emissions and tackling climate change.

We’re recommended for Cavity Wall insulation

Our professional teams can install Cavity Wall insulation in around two hours, with minimal disruption to your home life. We can install any extra ventilation (if needed) at the same time. Book your expert, no-obligation survey with us now.

We’ll let you know if you qualify for government-backed ECO funding to cover the cost of your Cavity Wall insulation+. We can also check to see if your Local Authority or local council is running a grant scheme in your area to help warm up homes and improve energy efficiency.

Get in touch or call our friendly team on 0800 526 023.



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