If you call InstaGroup you’ll go straight through to our friendly and helpful Customer Services team. No buttons to press, no automated call handling — our knowledgeable staff will be ready to answer your questions.

Our small team works closely together, and every team member offers years of experience in a customer-facing role. They all have a good understanding of the products and processes that you might want to know about when you call.

From query to survey to installation and far beyond, our team supports and helps InstaGroup customers all the way.

Knowledgeable, approachable, friendly

You can ask our team about home energy assessments, insulation grants, workmanship guarantees and more.

Lauryn says, “Someone might call to ask if a job would need scaffolding, or whether our installers will have to carry out any work inside their home. Or it could be for more specific product details, like what kind of insulation material might be used in a Cavity Wall installation.”

“We share our knowledge at InstaGroup, so we all learn about what the customer needs to know. Whatever the query, we have an expert who can answer.”

They can also help with concerns people may have about our products, for instance, worries that Cavity Wall insulation can cause damp or mould. (Answer — it doesn’t when it’s professionally installed.)

Nicola adds, “I’m happy to help talk through what a caller’s home might need to improve its energy efficiency, and answer any questions. But there’s only so much we can do by phone.”

At InstaGroup we know every home is unique, and so any solution we might offer is tailor-made for the property.  Nicola continues, “For truly accurate advice I’d recommend people book a surveyor, to assess the home at first-hand.”

The team is also key in making sure jobs run smoothly for customers, coordinating and organising technical surveys, installations and after-care services.

Helpful, trusted and ‘on the ball’

We’re taking a lot of enquiries about funded Cavity Wall and Loft insulation at the moment, as the current government-backed ECO (Energy Company Obligation) scheme ends in August 2018. The rules will be changing, and many people will no longer qualify for grants.

‘We’re busy helping customers to access funding for insulation before the deadline, ahead of the ECO changes,” says Vikki.

“It’s lots of form-filling and double-checking, but I enjoy it. I’m also in contact with our installer teams every day because we need photographs of every project to check the work is carried out properly under the ECO rules.”

The team are always ready to help people who’ve received a leaflet or letter from their council or Local Authority which offers free of part-funded Loft or Cavity Wall insulation. In this case they can arrange a home assessment that’s covered by the scheme.

Up to date on all you need to know

Our team stays informed about all the latest grants and any new regulations, including those that may affect tenants as well as homeowners.

Lauryn says, “I might deal with a landlord looking for advice on taking an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) in a rental property from a ‘G’ up to an ‘E’, for example. That’s because landlords need to meet new government regulations on energy efficiency before they can let the property to tenants.”

Nicola adds, “We often get calls from people who’ve had an EPC carried out, and they’ve been recommended a certain kind of insulation. But you need more than an EPC to make the right decision for your property, which is why we’d still recommend an expert assessment.”

They’re also active on the frontline for improving home energy efficiency, supporting those who need it most.

As Lauryn explains, “I deal with leads from organisations such as Action Surrey, Housing Associations and local councils, including Bracknell Forest Council. This is when people get referred directly to InstaGroup, so we’ll call them up to see what we can do to help.”

Committed to getting things right

Karen is a mainstay in customer support. “If something doesn’t go well, a customer might come through to me,” she says.

She takes time and effort to sort out any issues. Recently, Karen even managed to turn what started as a customer complaint into a ‘congratulations’ and a ‘thank you’: in the customer’s own words InstaGroup went ‘above and beyond expectations’.

Karen is dedicated to getting things put right, even tracking back to jobs that are years down the line. “We got a call from a customer from an install completed back in 2008, and there was suddenly a problem with the Cavity Wall insulation. Under our 25-year guarantee we would still get this fixed for the customer, which I arranged.”

“Sometimes things do go beyond our control. Weather, bad traffic or even a broken down van – they can all delay an install. I’ll let customers know what’s happening, and assure them the work will get done.”

Karen says, “I think it’s good for customers to know they can speak to a real person at InstaGroup, and they won’t get passed around. We’ll listen and work to understand what’s gone wrong, so we can help put things right.”

Nicola adds, “If you find a snag after an installation, we’ll help to get it sorted as soon as possible. We have qualified technicians working in local areas every day, so we can carry out remedial work fairly quickly if needed.”

An expert service from start to finish

It’s partly thanks to the team’s conscientious approach that we get such positive feedback, by letter, email, phone call and through online reviews.

Karen says, “It’s good to be able to follow a customer’s journey at InstaGroup, from first call to finished job. It’s very likely the customer will be able to speak with and deal with the same team member throughout, so we get to build a genuine relationship.”

Nicola agrees, “I like getting to know the customer a little, and hearing about the difference InstaGroup has made to their life. Earlier this year I got a ‘thank you’ from a customer after their new boiler installation. They were so happy to be warm and to have hot water.”

“That’s when we know we’ve done a good job.”

Speak to InstaGroup Customer Services on 0800 526 023

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