There’s been a great deal of news coverage recently about the threat of climate change. But one simple and effective solution could instantly help reduce carbon emissions across the UK.

Tackling climate change has been big news over the past month or so1. If all the ominous warnings from the experts are making you think about what you could do to help, the answer could be closer to home than you think.

20% of UK carbon emissions come from heating our homes

Did you know that UK homes account for 20% of our carbon emissions?

Experts agree that improving home insulation across the nation is one of the major factors in cutting down those harmful emissions2 .

Taking direct, simple action such as insulating Lofts and walls would go a long way to reducing UK carbon emissions. And that could be a big step forward against the negative effects of climate change.

Cut down on wasted energy and warm up your home

Energy bills can shoot up when wintry weather strikes. Turning up the thermostat feels natural when you’re trying to keep warm. But imagine how much of that lovely warmth is wasted if you’re constantly attempting to heat a cold and draughty home.

The fact is, millions of UK homes still have too little or no insulation at all. So a vast amount of precious heat is lost straight away through uninsulated walls, roofs, windows and doors.

A lot of that energy could be saved easily and effectively, with professionally installed home insulation. And when the rooms warm up, the thermostat comes down.

Which is all good news for UK homes and the aim to reduce carbon emissions.

Insulation – a home improvement priority

As a nation we spend an estimated £7.5 billion every yearon home improvements. But the majority of that figure is spent on projects such as redecorating, or installing new kitchens or bathrooms – not insulation.

Many householders aren’t fully aware of the energy savings that insulation can offer. To be fair, insulation is hardly ever front of mind when people talk about ‘home improvements’.

At InstaGroup we’d like to see that change.

Insulation is a vital home improvement that can help keep you warmer while saving you money. As it’s also good for the environment, it’s an all-round positive decision.

Insulation grants available

Insulation should be easily available to all. That’s why there is funding in place for certain households. If you qualify InstaGroup can help you apply for insulation grants through government schemes such as ECO.

Support like this means everyone can feel the benefits of lower energy bills and a more comfortable home. All while helping to tackle the threat of climate change.

All-round benefits for everyone

A cost-effective improvement such as Loft insulation can immediately reduce home energy use by up to a quarter4.
Even more could be saved by installing Cavity Wall or Solid Wall insulation.

Insulating 4 million UK homes by 2025 would:

·       Cut carbon emissions equivalent to taking 1.7 million cars off the roads
·       Take off over £ half a billion from household energy bills every year
·       Make homes warmer and healthier

Figures taken from WWF’s Getting the house in order – Priorities for homes in the Clean Growth Plan.

Insulating homes to tackle climate change

Contact us to see how we could improve your home’s energy efficiency.

We can also tell you about any government or Local Authority grant schemes available to help warm up your home, including funded insulation for certain households.

Alternatively call the friendly InstaGroup team on 0800 023 2944.

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