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Would you like to save money on your energy bills while also improving the comfort of your home? Why not get some expert advice from InstaGroup? We’re one of the leaders for home insulation in Surrey.

Saving energy for homes in Surrey

Our professional service starts with a thorough no-obligation survey of your property. We can check to see where insulation may be needed, and offer expert recommendations that could make all the difference.

We treat every home as unique, with each solution tailor-made to suit your property. Whether that means a large Victorian house, a 1950s bungalow or a Park Home, we’ll work to get the right result for you.

We have over 40 years of experience installing insulation in Surrey and the surrounding areas. Our expertise can help lower your energy bills year after year, as well as making your home warmer and more welcoming.

Did you know …

Loft insulation keeps in up to a quarter of a home’s heat and can save hundreds of pounds a year on heating1.

Cavity Wall insulation can stop around a third of a home’s warmth from escaping, reducing energy bills every year1.

Solid Wall insulation can keep in up to 40%of heat lost through walls, saving a huge amount of money on bills every year.

Insulation in Surrey from the experts

Ask InstaGroup about the best way to improve your home energy efficiency. We’re trusted for insulation in Surrey, and we get great feedback from our many satisfied customers.

For reassurance you can be sure that all of our installation teams are qualified technicians. We use accredited and approved insulation materials and can guarantee our workmanship.

Funding for insulation*in Surrey

If you qualify, we could help you apply for funds to cover the cost of installing insulation. Find out more about the government-backed ECO grant scheme and other funding for insulation that may be available. You can see more details on qualifying for the current ECO scheme here.

As we work in the Surrey area we’ll be aware of any Local Authority or local council grants that could help fund your home insulation. Get in touch to ask if you could be eligible.

For friendly advice and a professional installation call the friendly team at InstaGroup on 0800 526 023 or drop us a line.


Insulating homes in Surrey