Live in the Wycombe area? InstaGroup could improve the comfort of your home with ECO funded insulation*.

We’re insulation specialists in Wycombe and we’re currently working alongside Wycombe District Council, the National Energy Foundation (NEF) and other Buckinghamshire Local Authorities.

Together, we’re putting ‘Flexible Eligibility’ of ECO funding into action.

More homes in Wycombe could qualify for the ECO scheme*

Under ‘Flexible Eligibility’ more people in the Wycombe area could now qualify for an ECO grant to save on fuel bills and warm up their cold homes.

‘Flexible Eligibility’ allows Wycombe District Council to offer funding outside of the normal rules of ECO. You can find out more about the usual qualifying criteria here.

Ask the insulation specialists in Wycombe for advice

Government-backed ECO funding can be used towards making your home more energy efficient with improvements such as Cavity Wall insulation, Loft insulation and in certain circumstances Solid Wall insulation and upgrading boilers and home heating.

Not sure that your household would be eligible for an ECO grant through ‘Flexible Eligibility’? It’s worth getting in touch with us to find out more.

Working for warmer homes across Buckinghamshire


  • Loft insulation can save a quarter of the home’s heat1.
  • Cavity Wall insulation can keep in around a third of a home’s warmth.
  • Solid Wall insulation can stop between 35-40%2 of warmth escaping through uninsulated walls.
  • You could save up to £605a year on energy bills, depending on the size of your property.


Working alongside Wycombe District Council

Contact us today for an expert no-obligation survey. We’ll help you find the best solution for warming up your home and making great savings on household bills.

As insulation specialists in Wycombe and the surrounding areas we can also see if you could qualify to cover the cost of your installation through ECO and Wycombe District Council’s ‘Flexible Eligibility’ scheme.

For complete reassurance that we can carry out approved work under ECO, ask to see our credentials at your survey.

Recommended insulation in Wycombe

InstaGroup has over 40 years of experience in improving home energy efficiency in Buckinghamshire.

We’re a leading insulation installer, and a trusted local expert with many satisfied customers in the Wycombe area. You can see what our customers say about our service here.

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For further peace of mind you can be sure that InstaGroup’s installation teams are trained and qualified technicians who use accredited materials. We offer guarantees for workmanship.

Find out more about ECO funding and insulating your home in Wycombe.

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