For recommended insulation in Maidenhead, call InstaGroup Homes. We can offer you friendly, expert advice and professional installation in Maidenhead and the surrounding Berkshire area. Ask us about effective solutions that can warm up your home and lower your energy bills.


Recommended insulation in Maidenhead homes

You can see why people choose InstaGroup Homes for recommended insulation in Maidenhead. Our customers talk about our professional service, and we have customer testimonials that demonstrate why we’re one of the leaders for home energy efficiency improvements in Berkshire.

InstaGroup has been installing recommended insulation in Maidenhead and neighbouring Berkshire towns for over 40 years. We deliver professional results through our qualified and accredited installers, and we provide a polite and considerate service while working at your home. Quality is assured, with guaranteed workmanship and BBA-approved materials used for all installations.

Fully-funded* insulation for homes that need it

ECO is a government-backed scheme that could install insulation for free* in homes that qualify. You can find out more about ECO funding here.

InstaGroup Homes has years of experience in applying for insulation grants on behalf of customers who could benefit from free insulation*. Please ask us if your insulation in Maidenhead could be funded by an ECO grant. If you qualify we can do all the paperwork for you, and help you to access funds that could cover the cost of installing recommended insulation in Maidenhead.

We can also tell you if Local Authority insulation grants or council schemes for improving home energy efficiency are available in the Maidenhead area.

Feel the warmth, enjoy the savings

We cover all types and ages of property, so get in touch today for a no-obligation home energy assessment and see how much you could save.

Cavity Wall insulation
Reduce bills by up to £1501 every year. Save up to 33% of your heating.


Solid Wall insulation (External Wall insulation)
Save £120-4352 a year depending on the size of your property. Keep in up to 50%3 of heat lost through walls.


Loft insulation
Save around £135 every year4. Stop 25% of home heat leaking out through the roof.


The local experts for home insulation

InstaGroup Homes is dedicated to giving you a warm and welcoming home that also saves you money on energy bills.

Book a no-obligation home energy assessment today and our friendly, expert surveyor can find out why certain rooms always feel chilly, pinpoint the cause of draughts, identify problem ‘cold spots’ and more. They can give you a professional assessment on where your home is Iosing heat, and recommend tailor-made insulation solutions for your property.

For recommended insulation in Maidenhead get in touch with InstaGroup Homes today or call us now on 0800 526 023.