Instagroup’s priority is to ensure the safety for our workers as well as our customers and the wider community during the coronavirus crisis.

Work carried out in people’s homes (such as maintenance) can continue if Public Health rules are followed1, and this applies to home surveys for our insulation services.

Following recent guidelines on social distancing, we are looking at ways we can carry out virtual surveys of properties, using the latest technology to capture information remotely on issues such as heat loss.

In most cases this means a surveyor does not need to enter your property – for example a loft insulation survey can be carried out if all areas of the loft can be captured with our equipment.

For Solid Wall (External Wall) insulation and Cavity Wall insulation a site visit will be necessary, but will require little or no contact with the homeowner, therefore maintaining the government rules on social distancing.

Installing home insulation with care

We appreciate these are challenging times, so if you would rather wait for a full home energy assessment from our surveyor we can take your provisional booking now, and contact you at a later date to confirm details.

We’re also more than happy to answer your enquiries about installing home insulation and home energy assessments.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to helping you warm up your home while reducing your energy bills.

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