Everyone gets slightly anxious about improvements taking place in their home. You’ll want to know that the workers are professional – and polite. You’ll need assurances that they’ll do a good job, and that they’ll work safely. You’ll also want guarantees that they will turn up on the days they’re supposed to.

It’s my responsibility to make sure all the above happens. I’ve been working with InstaGroup for nearly two years, and I’m currently working as a supervisor for InstaGroup’s installations across southern England.

I mainly oversee larger projects such as external wall insulation, rendering and replacement glazing. Every property is different, and every customer has different priorities, so every job I supervise is unique.

Getting things right for you

No matter the size or type of installation, there’s one thing that’s always the same — my commitment to ensuring you get the highest standards of workmanship. Our number one priority is a high-quality installation that’s carried out safely. It’s reassuring to know that all our technicians are trained and professionally accredited, and the products and systems we use are fully approved to meet current regulations.

You’ll most likely meet me when you book an installation. I’ll come to your home before work is scheduled to begin and we’ll walk around the property together. If there are any special instructions or particular requests, this is where you get to tell me. I’ve been working a lot on external solid wall installations lately, and customers often want to ensure their home keeps certain outside features or includes new ones such as brick slips. I’m proud we can offer this personal touch, and we always try to deliver the results you’re looking for.

I’ll also make a note of things such as damaged render on an outside wall, for example. I want to make absolutely sure you’re confident with how we’ll approach the job, and what to expect when we finish.

Supervising every detail

I’ll be checking access to the property too — that’s especially important if you’ll be out or at work during the installation. The team will need access to water and power, and we can talk about how we approach that with extension leads, for example.

Another check for access is a necessary one: toilets. I can assure you that our workers are always polite and respectful, and will always remove their shoes and dust down their overalls before entering your home. I want to make sure you’re 100% happy, so if it’s not possible to make your WC available you can let me know.

I’ll also confirm where and when we’ll be delivering materials and equipment, making sure everything is in place and ready for the installation team to start work.

Keeping you informed

On the day the installation begins I’ll be on site with the team (usually four people) briefing them on the job and making sure they’re clear on any special instructions.

Customers often ask, ‘How messy is it going to be?’. The answer is that a large-scale refurbishment always creates a certain amount of mess and debris, but the team is trained to clear and clean as they go. You might see me towards the end of the day, as I come by to remove rubbish from the site.

Another question is ‘How long will it take?’. For an involved project such as external solid wall insulation we usually allow around two weeks, but it can depend on the weather. For instance, if it looks like rainwater will affect electrical equipment, for safety’s sake the team cannot work.

It’s my job to keep the customer informed at all times, so I’ll always let you know if the team won’t be working on site that day due to weather conditions.

Whatever happens, I’ll be checking in with the team at least once a day to keep an eye on progress, whether that means a call, face-time or an on-site visit.

Making customers happy

At the end of a job I go around with my ‘snag list’ to cover off anything that needs finishing to InstaGroup standards. I also take the customer around to see the results and sign off the completion. It gives me huge job satisfaction when I see how pleased they are with the improvements. Overseeing the installation of external wall insulation is something I’m especially proud of – you get an amazing ‘Before’ and ‘After’ transformation of a property.

It’s hard work, but I enjoy knowing that every customer is getting quality service and workmanship from InstaGroup. It’s always great when someone takes the time to send an email or a note to say how happy they are with the installation.

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