Solar panels and solar storage batteries

Installing solar energy for your home can pay you back two ways. Firstly, you can instantly benefit from direct savings on your electricity bill, and secondly you can earn additional income through the government’s Feed-In Tariff.

The Feed-In Tariff gives you payments for generating the cheaper electricity you use at home, plus any energy you don’t use goes back into the national grid, which also earns you payment.

Altogether, a new Solar PV installation plus payments from the Feed-In Tariff could save and earn you a total of up to £245* every year.

InstaGroup is accredited to install Solar PV panels and the relatively new technology of solar storage batteries.

Ask us about the type of solar power or renewable energy system that would best suit your home and help reduce your energy bills. We offer professional solar energy installations for homes in areas surrounding Reading, Basingstoke, Bracknell and Oxford.

Solar PV Panels

Solar PV (Photo Voltaic) panels capture the sun rays and directly convert the sunlight into electricity to power home appliances, lights and so on. Solar Thermal collects sunlight and uses it to heat up water, which is stored in a hot water cylinder for the home. Both systems can save you money on household bills. For all Solar PV installations InstaGroup uses its own guaranteed high quality InstaGen solar panels.

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Solar Batteries

A solar battery stores any excess power your system generates, so you can benefit from cheaper electricity even when the sun doesn't shine. A solar storage battery can help you get more out of an existing solar panel system, or it can be part of a new Solar PV installation. InstaGroup is accredited to install solar batteries that do not impact the potential payments of the Feed-In Tariff.

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Landlords now have to allow up to £3,500 to improve the energy efficiency of rented homes. For expert advice on insulation and ECO grants call 0800 023 2944