With warmer, dryer days ahead now is the time to think about installing Solid Wall insulation.

Summer is a great time for installing Solid Wall insulation (also called External Wall insulation).

Our installation teams are prepped and ready to go for the season, and we can usually book in the work to suit your own schedule. We can also give you more reliable dates for project completion due to the generally dryer weather conditions.

The perfect home improvement project

Installing Solid Wall insulation is a home investment that will pay you back long into the future.

Firstly, as you’d expect, it works by keeping in the warmth of your heating when needed. But it also effectively keeps out the heat in hot weather.1

Once installed the internal temperature of your rooms becomes effectively regulated2, so you can enjoy a more comfortable and welcoming home all year through.

You’ll find rooms feel pleasantly cooler in summer, yet warmer and cosier in the winter.

A further advantage of InstaGroup’s professionally installed system is the built-in sound-proofing qualities. The reduction in outdoor noise can make life noticeably quieter and more peaceful at home.

A complete summer makeover for you home

On top of all these benefits, installing Solid Wall insulation with InstaGroup will transform the outside look of your home.

Our high-quality installation refurbishes external walls with an attractive weather-proof render, available in a wide range of colour-ways and finishes.

So while you’re improving the comfort of your home on the inside, you’re also refreshing and smartening up the walls on the outside.

Our past projects show how installing Solid Wall insulation really can add to your home’s all-round appeal and value.

Winter savings start in the summer

Above all, installing Solid Wall insulation in the summer gives you an excellent head start on energy savings. It means you can begin to benefit from lower heating costs as soon as the colder weather arrives.

Solid Wall insulation can dramatically improve your home’s energy efficiency, keeping in up to 45% of your home’s warmth. Depending on the size of your property, it can save you between £115 to £415 every year3 on your energy bills.

The year-round benefits of Solid Wall insulation

Not sure that your home was built with solid walls? We can find out for you at an expert no-obligation survey. You can trust that InstaGroup’s professional recommendations will keep your home more comfortable and more energy efficient year after year.

Get your home looking good and feeling great this summer by installing Solid Wall insulation. Call the friendly InstaGroup team now while the sun is shining on 0800 023 2944 or drop us a line.

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