Reading Rugby Club has a new line-up aimed at saving money. The club is embracing the age of solar power. With electricity bills running at around £14,000 a year and the prospect of increases in the future, this is one new team strategy designed to improve energy efficiency and generate long-term savings.

Wokingham-based premier energy specialists InstaGroup spearheaded the team which installed a tailored system of solar panels. The technical stuff: A total of 22 x 265kwp Jinko panels were installed on the roof of the clubhouse (see pictures), connected to a Samil 5500 inverter. This configuration produces a total output of 5.83kWh.

According to InstaGroup, Install Manager Mark Montgomery this system should save the club about £1,000 a year in fuel bills. ‘Reading Rugby Club is a great community sporting venue and as a local company, InstaGroup is delighted to have played an important role in upgrading the club’s energy system,’ says Mark.

RFC Chairman Andy Clark knows only too well the value of keeping up with the times. ‘These days, it’s just as important that fitness on the pitch is matched by strong financial health off the field.

‘We are thrilled with the results of the solar panel installation and look forward to reaping the benefits in the long term so the club can continue to make good progress.’ Plans are also under consideration to expand the number of panels, as well as the option to install hi-tech battery storage. This would mean electricity stored during daylight hours could be used on demand to suit club needs. Such measures help make further savings in the future and, crucially, lessen the burden on loyal members whose fees are vital to the running of local clubs like Reading.

RFC is among those clubs leading the way in energy-saving tactics. For other clubs around the country wishing to follow suit, there is the option to take up the RFU’s sporting offer of an interest-free ‘Green Deal’ loan of up to £20,000 to invest in energy saving technology. As a leading pioneer in energy saving, InstaGroup’s team of experts is on hand to provide free surveys to clubs keen to take advantage of everything from the latest insulation technology to solar panels and LED lighting.

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