When we install double glazing or external wall insulation for your home and it costs over £10,000, we’ll give you a double-glazed door – worth £1,000 – FREE.

Geting both double glazing and external wall insulation installed together is the most efficient solution for preventing cold spots and heat loss in your home.

Up to £260 off your bills – every year+

Our energy efficient double glazed windows make your home warmer and quieter, on top of reducing your household bills. They can instantly improve the appearance of your home, and add to its value.

Solid wall insulation not only saves you up to £260 every year on energy bills, it gives your home a complete facelift. Our professional installation results in a fresh, clean look that will make your home feel brand new on the outside, and cosy on the inside.

Cavity wall insulation saves up to 35% of the heat currently lost through external walls. It’s a quick, neat and cost-effective way to warm up your home, while bringing down the bills.

We’ll add a free double glazed door when you spend over £10,000 on your InstaGroup installation. A new door will complete the ‘thermal wrap’ around your home – keeping more warmth inside. It’s our way of helping you make your home as energy efficient as possible.



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