In the summer of 2023 we were approached by a local homeowner who was interested in the possibility of installing solar for their detached house in Reading.

Mr B had seen some advertising from InstaGroup, and had contacted us to complete an online desk top survey for their home. This had revealed potential problems with installing solar, as the house featured both a pitched and a flat roof. We were not certain that solar would be suitable for the property.

A solar challenge

The homeowner was keen to find out if InstaGroup’s specialist solar team could overcome the issues, and paid for an in-depth survey carried out by our experienced solar technicians.

Following discussions with the customer, the InstaGroup team were able to design a bespoke system using different types of roof mountings. This would give Mr B a larger and more suitable solar PV system and ensure the best possible results.

Developing a unique solar solution

As this was a unique solar project it took several weeks to develop the right system and specification. The design had to be adjusted several times with suppliers to include the two different styles and types of roof fittings.

We advised on solar products and components to create a reliable, cost-effective solution for the customer. This included a user-friendly app to make managing their home energy easy and ensure they’d get the most from the system.

The customer chose battery storage for their solar generation rather than SEG (the Smart Export Guarantee: payments from electricity suppliers for any excess solar electricity that goes back to the grid). This would give them the freedom to use their stored solar electricity as needed.

A bespoke solar installation in Reading

We had to wait for G99 DNO approval to connect the system to the grid, as the proposed system size was larger than a G98 limit. However, we made sure the customer was kept updated with the application, which we completed on their behalf.

We installed the system in November 2023, only a few days after we received DNO approval from the network operator.

Altogether we installed 14 425w solar PV panels: six on the pitched roof and eight on flat roof. A 5kw hybrid inverter and a 6.5kW energy storage battery were fitted in the customer’s garage.

Solar install completed in two days

Although the solar design process itself was lengthier than usual, the build itself was completed in just over two days. This included the fitting of a bird guard and commissioning of the system from our team.

The customer is now looking forward to much lower electricity bills over the years ahead.

On top of generating ‘free’ solar power, the easy-to-use app and the energy storage battery will give Mr B the opportunity to make even more savings at home. The customer is already taking advantage of low rates from their energy supplier to charge up the battery overnight with cheap electricity*.

A reassuring solar service

After the install, Mr B kindly wrote to us to say, “Whilst we have a south facing garden, our roof configuration is a mix of north and east/west pitched and a flat roof to the rear. Paul worked through a number of options with us, and came up with a 6kW system with battery that is unobtrusive and practical.
The installation was quick, neat and tidy with minimal intrusion (scaffolding was up a day or so before and down the day after).
Even in January we’ve had a couple of ‘solar only’ morning/afternoons, and charging the battery overnight has reduced our costs greatly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend InstaGroup for a solar design and installation.”

Some weeks later we returned at Mr B’s request to install an additional energy storage battery and an electric car port charger. We’re very happy to see a customer getting so much use out of their new solar PV system.

Even after installation is complete, customers can rely on InstaGroup’s ongoing customer service. It’s also reassuring to know that every system we install is continuously monitored, so we can pro-actively respond to any issues that may arise.

InstaGroup’s Solar Manager said, “The success of this unique solar project gave us all great job satisfaction. The challenges we met during the design process resulted in us working together to find solutions that would ensure the most effective system for the customer.”

“We were able to fit the maximum amount of solar panels we were aiming for, and were able to get everything installed professionally, including the bird guard, within an agreed time frame.”

If you want to know more about InstaGroup’s one-to-one solar service and professional solar installations, get in touch.
Or call our friendly team on 0118 932 8811.

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