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An old, inefficient boiler could be costing you an extra £195 on your heating bills – every year. As experienced boiler installers we also know that ageing boilers are likely to be less reliable, and more likely to fail unpredictably or breakdown. When your boiler stops working it means disruption and discomfort at home, time away from work to sort out repairs, and possibly expensive call-out and replacement costs.

As heating accounts for around 53% of household energy bills1, a boiler replacement with a new energy efficient model could help you save money every year. Your home will be warmer, cosier and more comfortable too.

We’re leading boiler installers and heating experts for homes across south east England. Every boiler replacement or installation is carried out by experienced, fully qualified GasSafe and OFTEC registered engineers, and all come with guarantees of workmanship and a boiler warranty.

Whether it’s a combi boiler or a regular boiler, we only install the best A-rated new boilers from reputable manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch.

Ask us about the advantages of boiler replacement for your home, or speak to our friendly team on 0800 526 023.


We offer a range of efficient, high quality boilers: our expert, no-obligation survey can discover the best choice for your home and family needs. Replacing an older boiler with a new, high performing boiler can provide dependable home comforts such as a hot bath and a cosy living room, all while significantly reducing your heating bills.

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Ask our boiler expert

InstaGroup's heating engineer John Francis has over 38 years' experience in looking after home heating and boilers. He's an expert at diagnosing problems and servicing heating systems, so take advantage of his helpful advice -- just a few simple checks could save you the hassle and expense of calling out an engineer.

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Home heating top tips

Our heating engineer John Francis has over 38 years of experience in home heating and boilers, so he can help you prevent and predict some common problems.

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