Installing Cavity Wall insulation – the benefits

Installing Cavity Wall insulation can make a big difference to your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. It can effectively prevent your home from losing as much as a third1 of its heat through the walls. So you can stay warmer and benefit from welcome savings on your energy bills.

It’s estimated that installing Cavity Wall insulation can save you up to £155 every year* on heating bills.

Quick and easy installation with minimum disruption

Cavity Wall insulation is designed to fill the gap or cavity between the two layers of brick that make up the external walls of a property. If you’re not sure if your home was built with cavity walls, a big clue is it was probably built some time after 1920.

We’re happy to carry out an expert no-obligation home energy assessment if you want to find out more. We’ll help you find the best solution for your property, and also tell you if you qualify for any funding or grants towards the cost of installing Cavity Wall insulation.

We’re leading Cavity Wall insulation installers for homes across the south east of England. We ensure installation is as quick and trouble-free as possible, and we work to keep disruption to a minimum.

Party Wall Cavity Insulation

If your home shares an external wall with another property, we can now offer an all-round solution for installing Cavity Wall insulation. Our specialised Party Wall Cavity Insulation reduces any heat loss from shared or dividing walls between properties, making it ideal for semi-detached or linked buildings.

Get in touch to find out more, or call our friendly team on 0800 526 023.

  • Our expert, no-obligation survey includes drilling a few sample holes in the external wall of your property to look inside, and estimate the size of the cavity. These holes will be neatly filled again before we leave.
  • We’ll provide recommended solutions, along with an estimated timescale for the installation and a clear, fixed quote for the work.
  • We’ll inform you of any grants or funding that may be available to you for Cavity Wall insulation.
  • If you decide to go ahead with the work, we’ll book in a suitable date for the installation and keep you informed of the scheduled work.
  • All of InstaGroup’s Cavity Wall insulation products are BBA-approved, and are backed by a 25-year guarantee.

Cavity Wall insulation is a cost-effective solution to reduce heat loss in your home. It could save you up to £155 a year on your energy bills.

The cost of installing Cavity Wall insulation will vary depending on the size and type of your property.

Estimates are subject to an onsite assessment, where we can accurately measure the wall areas to be treated and recommend the most suitable insulation, along with essentials such as vents.

Funding for Cavity Wall insulation is available for certain households

Under the government’s ECO (Energy Company Obligation) scheme some customers will qualify for fully-funded Cavity Wall insulation.

See our ECO page for more.

Book your no-obligation energy assessment with us for expert advice on the latest grants and offers available.

Prices are subject to survey, wall area to be covered and access. Example prices shown would be for a standard brick and block construction with an empty cavity width of between 50-65mm.