Q. Will I be able to use my loft for storage once Loft Insulation has been installed?

A. Many customers ask us if it’ll be alright to store boxes, suitcases and other things on top of the Loft Insulation once it’s installed.

Our answer is that squashing down the insulation will reduce its effectiveness. Once flattened, the fibre won’t be able to trap as much warm air, which will reduce the efficiency of your installation.

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You can still use your loft or attic space for storage after insulation has been installed, it just takes a few simple adaptions.

We recommend laying loft boards over the joists after installation is complete – we may be able to provide this service for you at an extra cost. Another solution is to fit metal struts called ‘Loft Legs’ to the joists. These can support ply or chipboard panels, forming a useful storage platform above the insulation.

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You can tell us about your storage needs at your no-obligation survey. We’re recommended insulation installers across the south-east and south-west of England, so get in touch today on 0800 023 2944.


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A. Depending on your circumstances, the government-backed ECO scheme could fully-fund the installation of your Loft insulation and Cavity Wall insulation.

Please check our ECO grants page to see more details of how you could get insulation installed in your home at no cost.

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If you qualify for the ECO scheme we’d be happy to help you apply for insulation grants.

We can offer years of experience in securing home energy efficiency grants for our customers. We can also let you know if any further funding is currently available through your Local Authority or local council to cover the cost of insulating your home.

It’s good to know that we’re recommended insulation installers across the south-east and south-west of England. If you want to know more about what we can do for you, please get in touch.

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In some cases, an ECO grant can be used towards the cost of installing Solid Wall insulation and even a replacement Boiler. Just ask us about this when you contact us, or find out more at your no-obligation home energy assessment.

Remember that schemes and grants can end or change, so if you have any questions on what’s currently available, give us a call on 0800 023 2944.

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A. No. We're pleased tell you that our Cavity Wall insulation is expected to have a lifetime of over 40 years. It's worth remembering, however, that you should still undertake normal home and building maintenance and wall repair to keep your home weather resistant.

We're recommended insulation installers across the south-east and south-west of England. If you want to know more about what we can do for you, just get in touch.

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When installed professionally, Cavity Wall insulation is almost always maintenance-free. But the efficiency of the insulation can be affected if any new structural work is carried out in the home. For example, if a conservatory or extension is added, or if new windows or doors are installed. In fact, anything that involves ‘knocking through’ external wall sections can cause the insulation material in the cavity to drop out. This can leave cold spots where the insulation is missing or incomplete, and that's not an ideal result.

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If you plan to make changes to your home, InstaGroup can quote for remedial work, making sure your Cavity Wall insulation continues to work at its best. We can also install replacement doors and windows at the same time, if needed. Our professional 'all-round' approach ensures you keep all the benefits of your insulation, while minimising the need for future improvements.

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