Save energy and stay warmer

InstaGroup focus on what’s right for your home. You can be sure that when we install insulation you’ll see the results in your energy bills and feel the results in every room.
It’s one of the many reasons we’re recommended as a leading installer for insulation.

Install Loft insulation and save up to 25% of lost heat1

A properly insulated loft, roof space or flat roof could save you hundreds of pounds every year on energy bills.

Save up to 33% of warmth with Cavity Wall insulation2

Stop the precious heat escaping through walls and enjoy lower bills and a warmer home.

Solid Wall insulation can save up to 45% of home heating3

Prevent energy waste, reduce your household bills and make your home cosier and more welcoming.

We’ll get you the best results from insulation

We understand that all homes are unique – even two identical-looking houses in the same street may need a different solution. That’s why our approach to improving energy efficiency is tailor-made for each property.

Every material we specify, every insulation system, draught prevention technique and vent we include is designed to deliver the best result for that particular home.

Because we don’t just install insulation: we install peace of mind. We plan every installation to prevent cold and condensation all around the property. Our attention to detail from survey onwards will look after a home years down the line, while saving maximum energy.

Creating all-round warmth for your home

You can find out more about how we can create a ‘thermal envelope’ for your home at a no-obligation home energy assessment. We’ve specialised in improving home energy efficiency for over 40 years, and can tell you where, why and how we can stop precious heat from leaking out.

We know it can be a big decision to install insulation. But it’s worth remembering that insulation will eventually pay for itself, often many times over.

The leading insulation installer that’s local to you

We install insulation and more across the south of England. Our experienced technicians use accredited materials and all workmanship is guaranteed.

Get in touch and we’ll let you know if you could benefit from any insulation grants to help fund your energy saving improvements*. Or call our friendly team on 0800 526 023.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Wall insulation is for properties with external walls that are made up of two layers of brick with a gap (or cavity) between them. The cavity is expertly filled with the recommended insulating material, keeping in around a third of the heat currently lost through uninsulated cavity walls. It's a quick and effective way to save you up to £480 every year on energy bills3. Our Cavity Wall installations come with a 25-year guarantee.

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Loft Insulation

Loft insulation is easy to install and can immediately save 25% of the heat that is lost through an uninsulated roof 4. InstaGroup can install all-new insulation, or check your existing loft insulation to see if it needs topping up to the current recommended depth of 270mm. Our experienced installers could warm up your home within an hour5 -- and you'll continue to feel the benefits for at least 40 years.

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Solid Wall Insulation

External wall (solid wall) insulation doesn't just warm up your home and save you up to £650 every year6 on heating bills -- it can also give your property an attractive makeover. Solid wall properties are usually older buildings built before the 1920s, and are suitable for either our external or internal insulation systems. We can recommend the best solution to help keep in the heat, with all installations backed by a 25-year guarantee.

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Park Home Insulation

Our award-winning Park Home insulation was developed to meet the specific needs of Park Home properties. InstaGroup's 'whole home' solution includes the walls, roof and floor. Full insulation creates a complete thermal wrap saving you money on your fuel bills while keeping you cosier. With our latest All-Weather system we can install Park Home insulation come rain or shine, with minimum disruption to you.

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External Render

Instantly transform the look of your property with our external render service, without insulation. Our expert team can replace old, stained or crumbling external render, or render a newly built property, with your choice of colour and finish. It costs a lot less than you think to refurbish the outside of your home, and makes a huge difference to its kerb appeal. Render can be applied to exteriors including steel, timber and masonry.

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