Home insulation grants and funding

If you’re struggling to pay for heating, ask us about home insulation grants and funding. Grant schemes are available for certain households to help cover the cost of energy efficiency improvements.

We could help you apply for a home insulation grant if you qualify. We have many years of experience in applying for funding on behalf of our customers. Please ask about current insulation grants and funding options at a no-obligation home energy survey.

Home insulation grants change and funding schemes are frequently updated, so get in touch if you want to know more. We’re always happy to see if we could help you access funding to warm up your home and reduce your energy bills.

ECO grants

A grant through the ECO scheme could fund Loft insulation and Cavity Wall insulation*.  In some cases, an ECO grant can be used towards the cost of installing Solid Wall insulation or upgrading an inefficient boiler or heating system.

Find out more about government-backed ECO funding and see if you could apply for a home insulation grant through ECO.

How to apply

We can find out if your household qualifies and we could apply for an ECO grant on your behalf.

Ask us for help or advice on home insulation grants and the ECO scheme. You can talk to our friendly customer service team on 0800 526 023.

Local Authority Delivery (LAD)

Your Local Authority or local council may be offering energy efficiency grants through the Local Authority Delivery (LAD) scheme. LAD funds the upgrade of cold homes in the local area, making sure people can afford to stay warm.

InstaGroup works with councils and Local Authorities across the UK to help warm up homes through local funding and insulation grant schemes.

How to apply

Ask us if LAD is available in your area, or contact your Local Authority to find out more about home insulation grants that may be available to you.

Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF)

We’re working to improve some of the UK’s coldest and leakiest homes through the government’s Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF).

We install insulation along with a range of other energy efficiency measures to help stop energy waste and reduce UK carbon emissions.

How to apply

To find out more about SHDF, get in touch with your housing provider, Housing Association, landlord or local council.

ECO Grants

Under the ECO scheme (the Energy Company Obligation) certain UK households can receive funding to install Loft and Cavity Wall insulation.

Find out how you could apply.

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ECO funding

Certain UK households can apply for an ECO grant that can fully-fund the cost of installing Loft and Cavity Wall insulation. Learn more about home insulation offers.

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