Got a question? The InstaGroup experts have put together some Loft Insulation questions, along with some advice on our other products and services.


We’ve tried to answer the most frequently asked Loft Insulation questions, from what happens at your survey through to installation and results.

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Thank you for your Loft Insulation question. Insulating a loft is usually fairly easy and straightforward. You'll need to have a loft hatch with access for us to carry out a survey, and your loft should be free of clutter so we can get in and assess it accurately.

Many people chose to have their loft space professionally insulated as it is hot work, often in cramped and hard to reach areas. Also, the material should be laid safely, paying close attention to any electric cables, downlights and ventilation needed in the loft space.

As you’re saving warmth in the living areas below, the roof space will become colder than before.

You may need to think about insulating the pipework or water tanks in the loft to prevent them freezing up in cold weather.

Our installers will also insulate around the frame of the loft hatch to prevent heat from the upstairs rooms leaking into the loft space above.

Thank you for your Loft Insulation question. Some households could qualify for funding to install Loft insulation under the government-backed ECO scheme – your InstaGroup surveyor will be able to advise you.

See ECO Grants for more details.

Yes, you will need to clear the loft of items and stored objects before we can install Loft Insulation.

Insulating a flat roof needs specialist treatment, which InstaGroup is not able to currently offer.

Thank you for your Loft Insulation question. If your loft is already insulated it's still worth checking that the material is deep enough to be working well and giving you the best savings. A depth of 270mm (around 10 inches) of insulating material is recommended, usually laid in two layers with 100mm between the ceiling joists and 170mm across the joists.

We offer ‘top ups’ for existing Loft Insulation to help meet the current energy efficiency guidelines. You can find out more at our no-obligation survey.

It takes up to 2 hours to install Loft Insulation in an average three-bedroom house. Larger homes and bungalows may take a little longer as they have a bigger loft space.

Your surveyor can advise you. We may be able to quote for insulating the roof of the loft, instead of the floor, using internal insulation boards between the roof rafters.

If you plan to use the loft or attic for storage you will need to lay loft boards over the joists after installation is complete and we may be able to provide this service at an extra cost. You can discuss your storage needs at your no-obligation survey.