Got a question? The InstaGroup experts have put together some Solid Wall insulation FAQs, along with some advice on our other products and services.


Our Solid Wall insulation FAQs cover the most common queries, from initial survey through to installation.

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Our Solid Wall (or External Wall) insulation systems are professionally approved and meet all current building standards regulations when installed as specified.

All installations are carried out by InstaGroup's own fully accredited and experienced technicians using only BBA-accredited products.

Solid Wall or External Wall insulation has all-round benefits for you and your home. It not only refurbishes the look of your property from the outside, it also saves you a significant amount on heating bills.

Our system will make your home feel warmer and cosier in the winter, and cooler in the summer. It also helps weatherproof your walls and protect the brickwork.

Our installers will attach a system of specially designed insulation panels to the outside walls of your property. These are then weather-proofed with your choice of render colour and finish.

The team usually need to put up scaffolding to fully insulate your property, so the outside areas around your home may need to be kept clear during the work. They will also remove anything attached to the walls such as outside lights, drainpipes and satellite dishes before fixing the insulation panels.

We work to ensure there is minimal disruption to your home life during the installation. Most of the work takes place outside your home, on the exterior walls, so you can carry on your daily life as usual.

Our team will need access to water and electricity during the installation -- the InstaGroup project manager will set out a clear action plan with you before work takes place.

Our Solid Wall insulation has a 25-year guarantee, backed by SWIGA (the Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency).

External Solid Wall insulation is not recommended if the outer walls of a building are structurally unsound and cannot be repaired. In addition, any problems with penetrating damp must be addressed before insulation can be considered.

You will need to inform the Building Control Officer at your Local Authority, they will be able to advise whether or not planning permission is required for installing external insulation.

Also, as the installation team will require good, all-round access to the outer walls the areas around your property will need to be clear.