Solid Wall insulation from InstaGroup successfully transformed the tired, stained exterior of this home in Bracknell. Its fresh, clean look is now brimming with kerb appeal – while keeping in the warmth too.

This 3-bedroom end of terrace property is located in Great Hollands, Bracknell, Berkshire. It’s a solid brick-built house, constructed in the 1970s as part of the development of the new town of Bracknell.

The street itself features a mix of flats and houses arranged as terraces around central grassed areas.

Ms L has lived here for several years and was now looking to renovate the exterior of the property. The pebble-dashed walls were cracked in places and had suffered water damage in the past.

Ask the experts at InstaGroup

Our customer had recently started to update her home by installing smart new double-glazed doors and windows in dark-wood style uPVC glazing. Now she wanted to refresh the outside walls to complete the entire look.

Aside from its external appearance, it was difficult to keep the house warm inside. It was inefficient to run, and turning up the heating meant high energy bills.

Ms L investigated a few insulation companies before a local acquaintance recommended that she ask InstaGroup.

A smart solution – inside and out

An InstaGroup home assessment was booked and our professionally approved home energy expert arrived to take a look at the property. They could see right away that the historic water staining and crumbling render affected the overall appeal of the house.

They established the house was a solid brick-built property and recommended installing InstaGroup’s Solid Wall insulation system, which features a weather-proof render finish. The customer could then choose from a huge range of render colours and finishes to achieve the desired look on the outside walls.

Transforming homes with Solid Wall insulation

Following our property survey – and after hearing about the added reassurance of our 25-year independent guarantee – the customer decided to go ahead with InstaGroup to install Solid Wall insulation.

The insulated panels we install significantly reduce the amount of heat lost through the walls of a property, while the smooth layer of fresh render we apply weatherproofs and completes the wall refurbishment.

The work took place in September 2019 and the complete installation time for this Solid Wall insulation project was just over a week. This was a little longer than usual as the top coating had to be delayed due to a period of rather heavy rain.

As always, we took into account unique features of the property, in this case ensuring we matched the oversills to the new style glazing.

“Stunning” says our happy customer

Once work was completed our customer met with our Operations Manager, Gary Attree to confirm everything had been carried out to her satisfaction.
Ms L said, “InstaGroup’s exterior wall insulation works on my house were very quickly and professionally done. I noticed the care and attention to detail on their workmanship which I was very pleased with.”

And the all-round benefits of Solid Wall insulation can be appreciated both inside and out, as Ms L explains, “I now have a stunning looking house which is very warm and cosy. This will save me huge costs in gas and energy.”

Recommended insulation from InstaGroup

We’re always glad to see another happy customer.

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