Replacing an inefficient boiler and heating system

This customer installation story began with our expert surveyor visiting a very pretty cottage in the Surrey countryside outside Guildford.

The job was to replace an uneconomical 1980s floor standing conventional flue oil boiler, which was running on an inefficient gravity hot water system. The system had a basic timer and room thermostat and boiler efficiency was at just 60%, wasting a huge amount of energy day after day.

A carefully considered installation

We had to take into account the age of this property and its existing older radiator system, which was unlikely to cope with the higher water pressure delivered by a system or combi boiler.

Our recommended option for replacing the existing boiler was a regular boiler (also known as traditional, conventional or heat only boilers). It’s ideally suited for a home like this that already has a traditional heating and hot water system linked to a separate hot water cylinder.

Our Oftec accredited engineer commissioned a Worcester Bosch Greenstar Danesmoor Utility regular Boiler in July 2017. This is a floor standing balanced flue oil boiler, neat and compact, making it perfect for the cottage. It features a range of heating outputs to suit the customer’s needs, concealed boiler controls and a traditional open vent heating system that stores hot water.

The boiler installation included converting the entire heating system to a fully pumped system with full programmer and hot water cylinder, plus room thermostats and thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) for more efficient energy control in the home.

We also rinsed the heating system, giving it a chemical cleanse and installing a magnetic filter to further improve performance.

The results – now at 91% efficiency

This installation story ends with boiler efficiency rising to 91%, saving the customer energy and money. Installation included a reassuring 7-year Worcester Bosch boiler guarantee, and InstaGroup’s 2-year workmanship guarantee.

The cost in total was just over £5,000 (including VAT). This was met by £3,244 from an HHCRO grant, with the customer paying the remainder.

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