Cavity Wall insulation for a detached home in Bracknell

InstaGroup installed Cavity Wall insulation to give a Bracknell customer a warmer home and lower bills.

Warming up a cold home

We received an enquiry from a customer asking about insulation for their detached home in Bracknell. Although only built in the 1990s, the house was cold and the energy bills were much higher than they needed to be.

A customer does their research

Our Bracknell customer had carried out their own research on insulating their detached property, and knew about different insulation materials. Their request was to ask if InstaGroup could install Bead as the insulating material, rather than Wool.

As well as finding out about insulation itself, the customer had also researched local installers. They found InstaGroup on a website search, and saw we had an excellent reputation within the industry for providing quality work. Our 4.5 star ranking on TrustPilot was also reassuring. It was then simple for the customer to get in touch using the Contact Form on our website.

A professional survey

InstaGroup carried out a professional home energy survey to check the house had Cavity Walls which could be filled with insulation material. Our surveyor could then confirm that Bead was a suitable choice.

Following the survey the customer approved our quote, and we booked in a convenient date for the installation.

Installing Cavity Wall insulation from InstaGroup

In June of this year one of our most experienced installer teams arrived on time as promised, ready and prepared with all the equipment they needed.

At the survey it had been noted that there was a half-span conservatory attached to the rear of the property. The team had planned ahead for this, and installation in the conservatory area was completed using a specialised ladder from InstaGroup.

Altogether, the team installed 146m2 of InstaGroup’s own insulating material InstaBead. The Bead was blown into the cavity in carefully planned drill patterns in the outside walls. As it’s blown in, InstaBead is instantly bonded with a PVA glue to form a premium insulation system. The beads will then remain in place without settling or falling, which can affect insulation performance.

The installer team delivered a high quality installation with InstaBead in just 3.5 hours.

A satisfied customer

It’s estimated that the Cavity Wall insulation we installed will prevent around 25–30% of heat loss through the walls of the property1. This will bring down energy bills dramatically, saving money for our Bracknell customer every year.

The fully-insulated house will now be much warmer and more welcoming in the winter. Wall insulation means the home should also feel cooler and more comfortable in the summer, especially in the elevations facing due south.

instabead installation

InstaGroup recommended to a neighbour

We’re pleased to say that the customer was very happy with our work – so happy in fact, that they recommended InstaGroup to a neighbour in their street.
This led to us installing insulation for a second property on the same road.

It’s great to know people in our area are enjoying all the benefits of installing insulation with our local company.

How can we help you?

InstaGroup are proud to provide good customer service, from the first contact at our Wokingham office to a home survey and professional installation.
We don’t just offer Cavity Wall insulation. You can also ask us about External Wall insulation, Loft insulation and Solar PV installations.

Trust our experience to improve your home’s comfort and help reduce bills. To find out more about saving energy, get in touch today or call our friendly team on 0118 932 8811.

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