InstaGroup has been installing External Wall insulation (Solid Wall insulation) for homes in Ealing, Greater London through the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF). The 44 properties were constructed in the 1930s and 1940s.

For this SHDF project, we’re working with United Living, who help to revive communities by improving homes for local people. United Living chose InstaGroup for the installation as we are well known for our technical abilities and experience in retrofit.

Combining experience and know-how

The project team includes ECD Architects who champion Energy Conscious Design and focus on sustainability in construction. Working together, we were able to combine our specialist knowledge in refurbishment and retrofit projects.

It was soon discovered that the 90-year old properties would need a unique solution to combat the problems of heat loss.

A bespoke system design

A challenging target was set by the client: to install all 44 homes to Energiesprong1 standards. To achieve this would mean 280mm insulation installed on the walls and 250mm insulation installed below the damp proof course (DPC).

This was quite a unique and bespoke system to design; these specifications are not often used, due to the thickness of the insulation. However, our expert solution would ensure the properties could meet the required energy savings.

We installed InstaGroup’s leading External Wall insulation system InstaClad on the walls, and Stomix StxTherm Robust below the DPC.

In total, the Ealing project will amount to around 4,000m2 of installation.


Retrofit for a better life

Retrofitting won’t just reduce energy bills and keep the homes warmer for residents: it’s also a positive step towards tackling the climate crisis. Every UK home that’s insulated will use less energy on heating, which reduces harmful carbon emissions.
Installing insulation in the UK’s older homes through the SHDF means a brighter future for everyone.

Teamwork that works

There’s a lot of pre-build process and preparation behind an installation project such as this. Our forward planning includes looking at design queries, organising material supply, co-ordinating timings and in-depth pricing exercises. Timescales in Ealing are very tight, and we want to ensure the project is delivered to high standards in the time allowed.

Our ability to work as a team has helped to resolve any problems that come up, keeping everyone on track. Communication is key, and we hold weekly design meetings on-site to get on top of queries and concerns. Every two weeks the wider team has a catch-up, where we discuss issues or challenges that may affect the progress of the project.

Professional skills on and off-site

The UK construction industry is currently facing some difficulties with material supply and getting the right stock delivered when it’s needed. We’ve managed to solve many of these problems through excellent collaboration between the material supply department, the operational teams, the site team and the client liaison officer.

Our site supervisors are also Retrofit Co-Ordinators, which brings an essential set of skills on-site. InstaGroup supervisors can ensure the install teams work meets the required standards and adheres to the important PAS 32035 requirements throughout the SHDF project.

Building confidence in InstaGroup

InstaGroup’s knowledge and professional abilities have made United Living confident that we can deliver the complex installations at Ealing in the required timeframe. InstaGroup’s work on-site is ongoing, and will be completed by the summer.

To find out more about our External Wall insulation system design and retrofit service, get in touch.

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