Solar Power Installation Berkshire – InstaGroup installed Solar Power for a detached house in Hurst, Berkshire.

When asked why they were installing Solar Power for their home, Mrs C said, “It just seemed like a really sensible thing to do with the cost of energy at the moment. Our roof is also perfectly south facing, so we hoped that we’d be able to generate enough to fill up solar batteries as much as possible, and save money on our electricity bills.”

A design to generate maximum energy

Installing Solar Power to generate maximum electricity requires experience and technical know-how. Our experienced surveyor first visited the house to make a detailed report on everything from the roof structure to calculating the ‘sunpath’ over the house.

InstaGroup’s attention to detail and design ensures the customer will get the best results from their solar array over the next 25 years, paying back their upfront investment several times over.

Solar Battery stores extra energy

Our customer decided on the installation of a Solar Battery along with their Solar Panels. Solar Batteries charge up during the day when there is a lot of sunlight, and store any unused solar energy. This surplus electricity is then ready to use as and when you want.

Adding a Solar Battery can get you more out of a solar array. It means you can draw on the extra electricity overnight, or whenever the home needs more power.

Caring for the customer’s home

InstaGroup made careful calculations when designing the solar array, to protect the roof and timbers of the house from an increase in the loading weight.

We also carried out wind testing to make sure the wind force around the home would not affect the Solar PV fixings on the roof and cause damage.

A job well done

For this particular solar power project, InstaGroup teamed up with DG Electrics and used Midsomer components. Together we successfully installed a 10 panel system and 10kWh battery storage system with a Huawei 3.6kW L1 HV 1ph Hybrid inverter.

The job was well-planned and sequenced to bring all the services together at the right time to provide a visually attractive system linked with battery storage. The installation, including connection, took just two days.

Installing Solar Power on a tricky roof

The roof proved to be particularly tricky at installation due to the condition of the tiles, but our expert installers were able to overcome the issues. There was also a minor delay caused by product dispatch and delivery, but we kept the customer informed at all times.

Generating savings with Solar Power

Mrs C’s Solar Power installation is projected to pay for itself after 6 years, through the savings made on energy bills.

Over the 25-year lifespan of the Solar PV cells our customer could save around £68,000 on electricity, based on the daily and yearly generation estimates for this array.


Making sure our customers are happy

We contacted the customer after the job was complete to check they were happy with the installation and the results.

Mrs C said, “Yes we’re very happy. The upfront quote was clear and easy to understand, so we knew what we’d be paying for. And when we had any questions about installing Solar Power they were answered very quickly.”

InstaGroup is proud to offer a professional solar installation and to give great customer service. We’re pleased to have provided a system that will benefit Mrs C in Berkshire for years to come*.

Enjoying the benefits of installing Solar Power

The customer is now saving money on their electricity bill, with the benefit of using a clean, renewable source of energy that’s good for our planet.

If you’re interested in Solar Power, get in touch with InstaGroup to see if your home is suitable for a home solar power installation. Or call our friendly team on 0118 932 8811.


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