InstaGroup recently installed solar panels at Yately Football Club to help the Chandlers Lane Clubhouse reduce its fuel bills.

Earlier this year InstaGroup installed solar power (solar PV) for Yateley football club. This will help to make the Clubhouse more energy self-sufficient and support future plans to operate floodlights for midweek and Step 6 football.

Home fans united

InstaGroup is a keen supporter of businesses in the Wokingham area. We’re already closely involved in the development of the Yateley youth team, with both our CEO and Operations Manager managing different youth football teams. It seemed like a great opportunity to help the Club further through our solar installation services.

Installing solar with energy storage batteries would dramatically reduce the Clubhouse bills, freeing up funds to enhance football club facilities and offer more to the local community.

Deciding on tactics

First we undertook a thorough survey of the Clubhouse, which is a single-storey construction with a 15-degree pitched roof. Our technical team recommended the installation of 90 LDK solar panels along with two inverters and four solar batteries supplied by Huawei. The solar array we designed was over 16 metres long and over 9 meters deep.

The total power supplied from the array would be 22kW, generating enough electricity during the day for storage in the solar batteries. The stored electricity could then be used by the Clubhouse at night and during early mornings.

Staying on the ball

Installing solar for business takes care and attention across every aspect. For example, our survey revealed that the Clubhouse roof was constructed with a rubber finish, so fixing solar panels would require a more complex solution than usual. We employed a specialist company to weld on custom-built rails, and the solar PV panels needed bespoke fixings. While working, the installation team had to take great care to preserve the integrity of the rubber roof to maintain its 30-year guarantee.

A winning team

Scaffolding was erected for the works, and once the rails were fitted, InstaGroup’s installation crew and qualified electrician worked together to complete the install.

Solar panels, inverters and batteries were all inspected, tested, and connected. The project was completed within the agreed 3-day timeframe, from 6th March – 9th March 2023.

A goal for Yateley

The Clubhouse is already seeing the benefit of generating its own electricity, and is looking forward to saving money on energy bills year after year.

All at Yateley football club are impressed with the appearance of the solar array, and the dedication of the InstaGroup team to do the job right. We’re proud to have helped with this solar project, which was handled with InstaGroup’s professional planning, clear timescales and trouble-free installation.

Your biggest home supporter

Interested in installing solar for business? Our experienced team is always ready to take on the challenge of saving energy in your home or place of work. To ask how we could help reduce your energy bills with solar power or insulation, get in touch or call our friendly team on 0118 932 8811.

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