Solar Installation Camberley – We install solar for homes across Surrey and Berkshire, helping people to control their energy costs and enjoy more energy independence.

In May 2023 Mr and Mrs M contacted us for advice about installing Solar Panels for their detached home in Blackwater, Camberley. The couple duly booked a no-obligation survey with our qualified solar surveyor, who could tell them more about our solar installation service.

How much could you generate? How much could you save?

At the survey we look at the roof pitch, the aspect of the house, and any possible shading. By tracking the ‘sun path’ over the roof across the year, our surveyor can calculate the potential for electricity generation from a solar array sited on the property.

Mr and Mrs M were impressed with the savings that installing solar could make on their electricity bills. After talking to our surveyor about the benefits of energy storage, the customers also decided to include a solar battery.

Solar batteries work for you day and night

Adding a solar storage battery helps our customers to save even more money on energy bills.

Stored solar energy from the daytime can be used to power up the home at night, so homeowners can benefit from every kilowatt their solar panels have generated. Households can also switch to solar battery power during peak price times on the grid to avoid paying high energy tariffs.

Above all, a solar battery isn’t just for storing solar energy. Homeowners can take advantage of off-peak, cheaper electricity overnight to charge up a battery from the grid, when kWh unit prices can drop hugely – sometimes by as much as 80%*. Set a solar battery to charge through the night and you’ll have low-cost electricity from the moment you wake up.

We install the complete solar package in three days

As part of this Solar Installation in Camberley, InstaGroup designed a bespoke solar array for Mr and Mrs M that was perfectly suited to their property and their needs.

The project timeline was around two months in total, from initial quote through to completion. Mr and Mrs M let us know that our quote was the most competitive one they received from all the installers that submitted quotes.

The components we specified included the latest technology in solar panels, a hybrid inverter and a 5.8kWh LFP storage battery. We completed this solar power installation in only three days.



A professional solar installation

Mr and Mrs M were having a number of works carried out at their home during their Camberley solar installation. The expert InstaGroup team were able to work around other contractors who were on-site at the property and garden.
We visited the customers as part of our aftercare service to ask about the installation. Mr M said, “The team installed a roof mounted solar panel system and were on time, friendly and tidy. They answered all of our questions and explained clearly how the system worked. We are very happy with the service and would recommend InstaGroup to anyone. Our solar panel and battery storage system will save us a huge amount on electricity bills.”

Paul Griffiths, Solar Project Manager, added, “I very much enjoyed visiting the customer and talking through their requirements, helping them make changes and amends to the design to suit their needs. We stayed on to help set up their personal monitoring app, and they have since written to express their satisfaction on how much energy their system has produced and stored through the app. It was brilliant to get such good feedback from the customer so quickly after the project.’’

We install solar with a competitive quote and quality service

InstaGroup has over 40 years of experience in saving home energy and bringing down energy bills. We’ve been installing solar for over 13 years and can promise a professional service, from quote to completion.

If you’d like to know more about installing Solar Power and the benefits of energy storage, get in touch with us today. Or call our friendly team on 0118 932 8811.

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