Solar installation for a detached house in Hampshire.

In November 2023, InstaGroup installed a large solar PV system for a detached house in Fleet, Hampshire.

The owner, Mrs B, had heard about InstaGroup and contacted us to find out more about what we could offer. She was very interested to hear how a solar installation could help to bring down energy costs at home.

Can solar power deliver?

Mrs B’s big detached house used a lot of electricity for its day to day running, and the customer was keen to see if this could be met by a solar installation.

On top of the fairly high energy consumption in the home, there also had to be sufficient power to charge an electric vehicle (EV).

During our solar survey we found the roof space on the house was extensive and unobstructed, so we could recommend installing a large number of solar panels.

We projected the amount of energy that would be generated from the solar array, and advised the customer to install two energy storage batteries. This would increase the storage capacity of the solar PV system, giving them access to ‘free’ solar energy whenever it was needed.

Experienced solar technicians

The customer’s aim was to become as independent as possible from the national grid. InstaGroup’s experienced technical team worked to fulfil the home’s sizeable electrical needs, designing a large solar PV system that would include additional energy storage.

In November 2023 we installed 20 X 425w solar panels, a 6kW hybrid inverter and two triple power 5.8kWh batteries.

With the system in place, the customer would have the benefit of using solar energy generated during the day, plus the ability to store any excess. If extra power was ever required, the batteries could be set to charge up during the lower overnight tariff, giving the customer the flexibility to access cheaper energy*.

Solar installation for a Hampshire home

The installation went smoothly and was finished within two days. There was only a slight delay to the roofing work due to the icy rain in November.

The customer also asked for a bird guard to be added to the install. ‘Bird proofing’ can be essential in certain parts of the UK to ensure the solar panels continue to work at their best. Once the parts arrived, we were able to fit the bird guard a few days after the main install, while the scaffolding was still up.

Mrs B said, “Paul and the team at InstaGroup kept us up to date at every stage of our order and installation. The installation noise was kept to a minimum and the site was left clear of any mess and the scaffolding was removed quickly.”

In a separate issue, we discovered that the property’s Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) wasn’t correct. An MPAN has to be registered with a supplier before connection can take place. As soon as the customer had the number amended we achieved G99 approval and connected the system to the grid.

Solar increases energy independence

The large solar array and double battery storage means the customer will see a huge reduction in relying on the grid for their electricity supply. They will also have the reassurance of InstaGroup’s ongoing technical support and monitoring of their system.

Mrs B is very pleased with the results. She told us, “With an app to show us what we are generating and its usage, the project has been great from start to finish. I would definitely recommend InstaGroup to anyone else looking to have solar panels installed.”

InstaGroup’s Solar Manager added, “Overall this was a very successful solar project for us and the customer. We were able to demonstrate our solar installation skills and gave the customer a suitable solution for their property and their energy needs.”

To find out more about professional solar installation in your area, and to discover the benefits of energy storage batteries, get in touch with us today. Or call our friendly team on 0118 932 8811.

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