Solar Power for business

At the beginning of the year the InstaGroup Solar team were contacted by Ten87 Studios with an enquiry about installing Solar for their business.

Ten87 is based in the Tottenham area of London and is home to over 150 recording artists. The business operates a number of world-class recording studios and provides an inspiring space for the local music-making community.

Staying in tune with rising energy costs

The busy facility is equipped with the best in recording studio gear. But with multiple sound engineering consoles, sound decks, musical instruments, microphones and more running almost constantly, daytime electricity use is very high. With energy costs rising, switching to Solar seemed like a great solution.

As Ten87 is actively involved with the local community, the business was able to apply to the Haringey Community Carbon Fund to cover the costs of a Solar installation.

A renewable energy source for the studio complex would bring down energy bills considerably, while also reducing carbon emissions in the area.

We tackle the challenges of installing Solar PV

Ten87 chose InstaGroup for the install as we were able to offer a complete solution for the entire project, from support with the funding application to commissioning the system.

This was a complicated build, and it required many conversations and agreements before work could progress. We had to make sure all the stakeholders were on-board with the project, including the local council and neighbouring businesses.

We encountered some additional planning regulations along the way, but we were able to adapt the system design to meet all the necessary requirements. There were also issues with access for the installation, but the businesses next-door were very helpful, which was really appreciated.

Powering up the music

The Solar installation for Ten87 Studios took place between August and September 2023, with the entire project taking five months from initial conversation to completion.

Altogether, we installed 53 x 425W panels and inverter to provide a 22.5 kW system. Looking to the future, the business is hoping to invest in an energy storage battery which will further increase the benefits of Solar.

The completed Solar PV array is thought to be the largest of its kind used solely for a recording studio in Europe – and possibly the world.

With the studio’s high energy use, it’s expected that most of the Solar Energy generated will be used by the business, so it won’t be sold back to the grid.

Working in harmony with the community

Rob Burns, the Founder of Ten87 Studios said, “Installation of the Solar PV system was made possible through a generous grant from Haringey Council’s Carbon Community Fund. We’d like to thank the InstaGroup team for all their dedicated work in helping us to get this Solar project off the ground. They supported us through the process from day one, and their professional service and experience meant we could successfully overcome a number of hurdles.”

Rob adds, “The savings we generate from Solar Power will be re-invested into the thriving Ten87 music community and the wider Haringey area. This includes offering free studio time through partnerships with local youth and arts organisations.”

Reducing running costs for all

InstaGroup managed the Solar project for Ten87 Studios from start to finish, including technical design, planning and build. But the new Solar array won’t just reduce electricity bills for the studio — it will also benefit many of the smaller businesses that sub-let workspace across the site.

The wider benefits of installing Solar

A Solar installation does much more than save money for business. As a clean, renewable source of energy it cuts CO2 emissions in the community, and is a positive step towards tackling the climate crisis.

Paul Griffiths, Head of Solar at InstaGroup says “We’re really proud to have been involved in this Solar project, as the impact it’s making will go far beyond one single customer. It’s very rewarding to know we’re helping this part of London to reduce its carbon footprint — we’d love to go back and work with more businesses in the area.”

If you’re interested in the benefits of installing Solar Power for your business get in touch. Or call our friendly team on 0118 932 8811.

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