Warming up cold bungalows in Bracknell

At the end of 2023, the InstaGroup team was asked to install Cavity Wall insulation for nine bungalows in Bracknell. The bungalows are managed by the Alice Gough Memorial Trust, and the work would help residents to stay warmer and save money on energy bills.

Improving homes from the 1960s

The Alice Gough Memorial Homes were founded in the early 1960s to provide homes for local people in need. They’re built on land that was originally owned by a Mr Alfred Gough, who wanted to create a memorial to his late wife, Alice.
Mr. Gough endowed the Trust with funds for the continued upkeep and maintenance of the homes.

No insulation meant high bills

The Trustees asked InstaGroup to survey nine semi-detached bungalows on the estate, as we’re known for our expert knowledge in saving energy for local homes.

On completing the survey, we found there was no Cavity Wall insulation in any of the bungalows. The houses were cold, and heating bills were very expensive for residents.

Insulating nine bungalows in two days

The InstaGroup surveyor specified installing our own high-performing cavity wall material InstaBead for the project.
InstaBead insulation is expertly blown into the cavity between the outer and inner walls of the property, and bonded with a PVA glue to keep it stable. Importantly, ventilation is also installed at the same time to improve airflow and decrease condensation in the home.

Altogether, our experienced installer team installed 560m2 of insulation over two days.

An expert result

The Trustees were very happy with the standard of work carried out, and the way we made sure everyone was kept informed about the project at every stage .

They were also pleased with InstaGroup’s organisation, as our pre-planning made sure we could carry out the installation quickly and efficiently across all nine properties.

More warmth, lower bills

Insulating the bungalows will save residents around 25-30% of the heat* they were losing from their properties, keeping them warmer while also saving money on household bills.

The people living at The Alice Gough Memorial Homes can now look forward to a cosier, more energy efficient future.

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