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UK homes are facing a winter of higher fuel bills after a sharp rise in the wholesale market price for both gas and electricity. 11 million UK households on standard tariffs could see their bills increase by £139, while the average bill for those using prepayment meters could rise by around £1531.

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In August, industry regulator Ofgem announced it would raise the maximum price cap on standard energy deals for the coming winter by more than 12% to reflect the upward surge in gas and electricity prices2.

Global prices for fossil fuels, especially gas, are increasing at an unprecedented rate: the wholesale electricity and gas prices that Ofgem tracks have risen by over 50% this year. Ofgem explained that this huge increase has to be reflected in the price cap, which will have an effect on our bills at home3.

12% price increase on 1 October

It’s estimated that half the UK population who are covered by the price cap will be hit by higher home energy bills4.

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