Bracknell insulation grants are available* to hundreds of households who qualify under Bracknell’s Flexible Eligibility scheme. Ask InstaGroup about improving the warmth and comfort of your Berkshire home.

Insulation grants through Bracknell Forest Council

Bracknell Forest Borough Council is funding insulation for local homes with a Local Authority Flexible Eligibility scheme (‘LA Flex’).

Bracknell insulation grants through ‘LA Flex’ can fully-fund* the installation of Cavity Wall insulation and Loft insulation if the property is suitable and the householders qualify.

Bracknell insulation grants could be available if:

·       There’s a child under 16 or an adult over 60 living at home
·       A resident has a pre-existing medical condition
·       The family income (after paying rent or mortgage, council tax and utility bills) is less than £35,000 a year.

“In Bracknell you are likely to be eligible for a grant if your household income after tax, rent and energy bills is less than £35,000.”

Hazel Hill, Sustainable Energy Officer at Bracknell Forest Council

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InstaGroup and Bracknell Forest Council

Bracknell insulation grants such as ‘LA Flex’ are funded through the government-backed ECO scheme. InstaGroup has years of trusted experience in applying for grants through ECO.

For more on how we help householders get funding for insulation visit our ECO grants page.

A warmer, more energy efficient home with Bracknell insulation grants

Want to know more about Bracknell Forest Council ‘LA Flex’ grants? We’d be happy to help. Get in touch today and we’ll tell you if an insulation grant could cover the cost of installing your home insulation.

Ask us for a professional no-obligation home energy assessment and we’ll give you expert recommendations to help warm up your home and cut down your energy bills.
–       Save up to a quarter of your home’s heat1 with Loft insulation and cut up to £1302 a year off your heating bills.
–       Save around £1453 every year and stop around a third of your home’s warmth from being lost through the walls with Cavity Wall insulation.

Recommended insulation in Bracknell

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