Free solar electricity for your home in Henley

As one of the leading solar installers in Henley and across Berkshire, you can trust InstaGroup to give you maximum returns from a solar PV system. Our experienced solar technicians are dedicated to installing solar that will cut your energy bills every year.

Specialists in saving with solar

Ask for an in-depth solar survey and we’ll assess your home’s aspect, its roof structure, roof pitch and exposure to wind. We’ll also look at any potential shadowing from nearby trees and buildings.

All of this information is used by InstaGroup’s technical team to design and build a high-performing solar PV system for your home.

Installing solar in Henley

  1. Our expert solar technicians map out the arcs of the sky that the sun will pass through over the year and across your property’s roof.
  2. We work out the ‘sunpath’ over your house.
  3. We design a solar PV system to capture maximum sunlight on the roof at different times of day and year to generate electricity for your home.

A solar installation that pays for itself

We’re recommended in the Henley area for the installation of solar panels, and we give our customers great results.

Take a look at the solar PV installation we carried out for a Berkshire customer. Their solar install is projected to save more than £68,000 on electricity bills over the next 25 years1.

At today’s energy prices, a professionally installed solar array from InstaGroup could pay for itself in as little as seven years2 – and possibly even sooner.

During its lifetime a solar panel system could pay for itself several times over through the savings made on electricity bills.


Store cheaper energy with battery power

You can get even more out of a solar power installation with our energy storage batteries. Storage batteries charge up with solar energy during the day when it’s light, and store any unused electricity. This can be used when the sun goes down, or whenever you need it.

Energy storage batteries are also the smart way to take advantage of low-cost electricity from the grid. You can set batteries to charge up during off-peak electricity rates, then at peak times switch to the cheaper stored power.

Expert solar installation in just two days

InstaGroup is based locally to you in Henley, and we provide a solar installation service you can trust. Book a solar energy survey with us and find out how much electricity a solar PV system could generate for your home.

We’ll give you a clear quote so you’ll know all the costs upfront, and if you decide to go ahead, our experienced solar team will carefully design and plan every aspect of your install. Installation, including connection, can take as little as two days.

Trust your local solar installers in Henley

If you want to know more about installing solar with InstaGroup please get in touch or call our friendly team on 0118 932 8811.