How much could you save by installing solar in Marlow?

Ask InstaGroup. We’re recommended in the Marlow area for the installation of solar PV systems.
People who live nearby to you are already cutting £££s off their electricity bills after installing solar from InstaGroup. Take a look at how much one of our customers will save with their recent solar installation.

Solar installations that pay you back

During its lifetime, a solar PV system installed by InstaGroup could pay for itself several times over through the savings made on electricity bills. At today’s energy prices that means solar could pay for itself in as little as 7-9 years1 – possibly even sooner.

One of the leading solar installers in Marlow

InstaGroup installs solar across the south and south-west, and we’re dedicated to generating maximum returns for your home.

Our experienced solar team will design the latest InstaGen system for your property and you can start saving on your energy bills year after year.

Saving with solar – we’re the specialists

InstaGroup’s technical team will carry out an in-depth solar survey to assess your home’s orientation, its roof structure, roof pitch and exposure to wind. We’ll also look at any possible shadowing from nearby buildings and trees.

We use this data to design and build a high-performing solar PV system tailored to your home.
·       Our expert solar technicians map out how the sun moves across the property’s roof over the year.
·       We calculate the ‘sunpath’ over your house to design the most effective solar installation for your home.
·       We install an InstaGen system designed to capture maximum light at different times of day and year
·       ‘Free’ electricity is generated for your home.

An example of the sun’s passage over a roof

Control home energy costs with battery storage

Energy storage batteries are included with InstaGen, or can be added to an existing solar PV system. Our latest batteries and user-friendly app give you more control over home energy costs.

Batteries will store any excess solar electricity that’s generated by your system, so it’s ready for use when you need it, night or day. However, they also let you take advantage of low-cost electricity from the grid. Set a battery to charge up overnight during off-peak electricity rates and you can avoid peak daytime rates by switching to the cheaper stored battery power.

Expert solar installations in Marlow in just two days

Contact InstaGroup for a solar energy survey and find out how much you could save with solar.

With our clear quotes you’ll know all the costs of installation upfront, and you can trust us for continued customer service after the work is complete. To find out more, see a recent installation.

If you go ahead with a solar installation our experienced solar team will carefully design the system and plan out the work to be done. Once your installation is booked in, you could be connected to solar in as little as two days, with minimum disruption to your home life.

Find out more about InstaGen solar from InstaGroup and the service we offer. Contact us today or call our friendly team on 0118 932 8811.